simple worship

 Photo credit: Jesse Orrico

Photo credit: Jesse Orrico

SIMPLE WORSHIP: entering into His presence and remaining.

It almost feels ironic to type a definition of something that really just seems, too simple to even say.  The past 5 years God has been defining what simple worship looks like in my daily life. In the depths of our being and the core of our existence, we were made for simple worship.  Not just songs with a few lines that we might sing during a corporate worship time, but the essence of understanding that worship is a gift we are just giving back to him—for giving us the gift of life eternal.  We were created to remain in His presence, created for relationship. That was God’s desire for breathing life into our bones.  Before doing, evangelizing, preaching, working…He made us for Him, to be with Him and enjoy Him.   

Did you know that God doesn’t actually need our worship?  He loves our worship because He gets US!  He is so delighted in being with us as we minister to Him! 

There is a beautiful progression of entering into His house.: thanksgiving, praise, adoration.  We start with thanksgiving that relates to His goodness. Thanksgiving reminds of all that He has done for us. We praise Him as we are reminded of who He is.  His greatness inspires our praise, then our adoration that comes from His holiness. As we taste His holiness, we can’t stay the same. We become marked by His love. 

When we worship it is a two way street; as we give an offering of praise, the goal is to always end at His feet and before His face. Being face to face with Jesus is means receiving the depths of love that flow from His “eyes of fire” (Rev. 19:12)-- His eyes that never stop releasing love to us and for us.  His love is always intended to penetrate even the deepest places of our hearts. What does it mean to remain? Remaining is just walking out what we were created for: intimacy with a perfect Father, the most intentional friend, kindest Shepherd, and the most radical love we’ll ever know.

Pursuing simple worship means to daily enter his presence and remain there throughout our day. Our lives then develop a conscious yet unconscious way of remaining at all times in His presence, in every season.  We began to live with the constant awareness that He really is ever near.  That although His Spirit is in us as children of God that He wants to come upon us.  He wants us to walk in a revelation, beyond knowledge, that “our light HAS come and the glory of the Lord HAS risen upon us.”(Isaiah 60:1) We are called and invited to go from glory to glory; we do that on earth by having our hearts set on pilgrimage! (Psalm 84) That means having highways in our hearts that point towards heaven and live from heaven’s perspective. 

Entering into the presence of the Lord, where you just simply remain, is what takes you from “knowing” you should worship God, to “revelation” of wearing His glory.  For we “enter his gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise…” (Psalm 100) But we are not meant to just stay in the courts, we were created to move past the courts in His house where His glory dwells.  Oh the vastness of His house He so longs to show us all!  We just forget sometimes that we are always welcome in His home, our praise is just the key and our worship is what brings His glory to come upon us.  

I encourage you to ask God to bring you fresh revelation of Psalm 113:3 that declares “From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets the name of the Lord is to be praised!”   I mean, what an invitation!  What an honor to get to worship while washing dishes, driving, in meetings, studying for a test, dreaming of a new business to start or changing diapers.  So I invite you to remember that you have always had keys to the Father’s house, and you don’t have to have earn points or win at something to enter into His Presence.  And God is calling like never before to the lonely, the broken, the weary, the ones who are still isolating there sin in secret, the disappointed….to COME.  The house is open to all in every season, to abide, and simply remain.

Written by Julie Bennett